Acts of Kindness

Posted by Michelle Wheatley on

It's that time of year where we send out Christmas cards in my house. Since we've had our son, we've been able to get away with sending out those photo cards where you don't even have to sign them. Awesome!! Less effort = more time for cookie eating.

One thing I did love about doing the traditional folded cards was that I had a chance to write in a little message to people I struggled to find time to keep in touch with throughout the year. I was able to customize my well wishes. "Hope married life is treating you well!" "Congrats on the new pad!" "We're overdue on happy hour. Drinks soon?" Etc.

Even though those notes are the type of words I would use to share my feelings, it's been a long, tough year, and there has been a lot of meanness out there, to the point where it seems that sometimes, people forget they are talking to other humans. Especially when it comes to politics.

I believe because of that, I was nervous about what messages people might include in their packages. I want for my business to help bring people joy, not sadness.

Also, I am aware that I watch too many crime shows. I recall at least one Law & Order episode where someone sent flowers that had a really sinister message attached. I imagined the sender in that episode placing an order through me, and me having to politely yet firmly reject the order.

Yup, so I do have a super active imagination. Which is probably the real culprit here!

All of my actual, non-imaginary customers have been amazingly sweet. They too want to spread happiness. And the messages that they send? I've gotten a little choked up. Some people have sent gifts on behalf of their kids. Others have ordered bags just because they want to bring a smile to a friend. I love being able to ship out these lovely messages.

And now, back to stuffing envelopes with photos of the apple of my eye and my face with frosted cookies.


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