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Adding THIS to My Résumé

business owner data guru many hats rookie sales small business spreadsheet Take Care Package unknown territory

There are certain things I imagined I would never do in life. Take getting married, for instance. When I was young, I figured I would never say "I do" because I didn't want to kiss a boy in front of so many people. But here I am, now a Misses. I even smooched my Mister in front of over 100 people on our big day...gasp!

I shocked myself again this past weekend by delving into unknown territory. Owning a business without any employees means wearing many hats. (Unfortunately, I don't mean that literally, though it would be more fun that way! Jotting "more hats" down on my idea list...) I do website maintenance, product purchasing, data entry, inventory management - you name it. Though because Take Care Package is online, I did think that I was safe from one of my biggest fears: Sales.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not your stereotypical sales person. I can work with data to have it make sense in no time. When it comes to being outgoing enough to work with people, it's not as natural for me. My husband swears I've gotten more confident since we've had our son. Perhaps becoming a parent was the missing piece in my development plan all along??

Now, I can say I've done sales. Now, I can say I like doing sales. And I was a lot better at it than I ever imagined I would be

I suppose I shouldn't get ahead of myself, since this was just a week ago. I feel confident because I got out there and spoke with a lot of different people. I stared rejection in the face. I got ignored. I heard a lot of "Don't call me; I'll call you."

You know what? I survived. I didn't take the no's personally. And what made the experience all worthwhile was the people I had the pleasure of speaking with. It's an exciting time in their lives and I'm looking forward to being a part of it!

I'm off to update my résumé to include Sales Guru. The boss will be so impressed...

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