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Like many people, I've made a resolution this year is to get healthier: to eat better, to work out more (anything would be more!), and to hopefully lose a little weight as a result.

For me, the start of the year is a great time to start healthy habits. I don't have the temptation of cookies lurking around every corner, taunting me, nor do I have the excuse of "tis the season!" to gorge my face with whatever I want to eat.

All of the Christmas chocolate is now officially out of the house. I know, because I've been counting down, savoring each last bite. There are still baking chocolate chips in the fridge, and pretty soon, I'll be counting each one of those, too. Sweets are my biggest downfall when it comes to eating healthy...

So it should be go time, right? I know what my ultimate diet looks like. I know how to snack healthily throughout the day to stay satisfied. I have the knowledge required to succeed.

However, I am struggling to start. My biggest excuse is that I didn't have a child when I dieted before, and now, I'm more focused on getting him what he needs nutritionally than worrying about myself.

I can also apply that logic for why I don't work out. Despite being able to pull up workout videos on the computer on demand, I tell myself that I can't just pick up and go to the gym; therefore, I "can't" workout.

And while I do need to ensure my son is safe and healthy, I am able to do that while taking better care of myself. If I can prioritize his health, then I can match my efforts to also accomplish what I need to do.

But I don't want to. I thoroughly enjoyed eating BBQ drenched chicken & an unmeasured amount of buttered pasta with him for lunch yesterday, then taking a little nap. It was delicious and relaxing.

I know I just need to get on with what I need to do, but how do I begin?

Did you make a similar new year's resolution this year? If so, and you've started down the healthy path, how did you take the first step?

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  • Spot on Michelle! You said what I’ve been thinking. How do I get motivated?! I started with baby steps…not hitting the gym but got a step counter and trying to get a personal goal daily. Also, have a few buddies to do this with you! There’s an app I use to compare my steps daily with my friends. A little competition will get you going :)

    Amee Shah on

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