Ahh, Memories...

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They say that memories are fickle. For me, if I try to think too far back (even just a year!), they become blurred. And if I try to think even further back? There's not telling whether my memory actually took place or was just a dream.

It's with that caveat that I share with you some of my first memories that I believe I can recall. In other words, what you are about to read may be totally fabricated.

One of my first memories was of me, my older sister and my little brother playing together. I must've been three, given the context - which will soon be revealed...! We were very busy doing something that was so important that I can't even remember what it was now. And then, my parents interrupted us. This had to be breaking news.

They shared with us that my mom was pregnant, and they wanted to know if we had any questions for them. The only question that I had was whether we could get back to playing. I also wondered why it was worth interrupting us on our important game-playing mission for such a boring announcement, though I kept that inquiry to myself.

I also remember taking a trip to the hospital at some point with my dad and older sister. We had to put on scrubs before being able to go in to see my mom. I don't recall actually seeing my little sister until she was at home and I was intrigued by her dried up umbilical cord, but I must've gotten my first glimpse of her at the hospital, That is, if I really DID go to the hospital like I recall having done.

Lastly, I have a maybe-memory of my sister's baptism trip to Pittsburgh. Someone wanted to take a photo with all of us grouped together, and somehow, my baby sis' tiny, precious feet were touching me during this photo shot. I was repulsed by what I can now identify as being sibling rivalry. We have a lovely picture of me shining my dullest grimace/smile combo as evidence.

What's your earliest memory? How confident are you in the accuracy of its details?


  • So cute!! We used to love JC Penney’s back in the day. Their Christmas catalog was the best!

    Michelle on

  • This post made me giggle! My earliest memory was going to JC penny’s to take pictures. I was probably around 3 and had to hold a plastic, yellow telephone! Lol

    Kristy on

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