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The NJ Bridal & Wedding Expo is over! Just like a wedding, I prepared in a whirlwind, then it all miraculously came together. And in a blink of an eye, it was over. Just like that.

I'm so glad I got a booth at this event. It was awesome to meet with the engaged couples and their peeps. Some went over the top with their proposals: in Central Park, during a quiet (and very planned) moment on Christmas day, alone in Hawaii with expectations of it being a big family trip.

There were some really kind vendors there, too. With this being my first big event for Take Care Package, it was nice to meet other business owners and learn about them & what has worked to help make them successful.

It was indescribably rewarding to see people be drawn to my table. Let me set the picture for you: there were mannequins in tuxedos to my left, high energy singing health advocates directly in front of me, and a realtor with loads of bright yellow balloons to my right. Guys walked around in stilts. Ladies walked around in lingerie.

And then there was me.

I appreciated getting people's feedback. They loved the idea of having the packages wrapped in sports bags, and so many people said "ahh" when they saw my logo. They liked that I am willing to work with them on getting sets together that work as welcoming presents for out of town guests, bridal party gifts and favors.

The questions I had around whether this would be a good investment were answered in a great way.

One of the most satisfying answers came when I found out what happened with my missing labels. I was able to scratch that itch when I noticed a mysterious white thing behind my desk. There the labels were, all printed up! My computer did not digest them. Yay!

To all the engaged couples and wedding parties out there - happy planning! Let me know if I can help to make your journey be a little less busy!

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