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I used to be a comfortable size 8 for most of my adulthood. Obviously, that changed when I was pregnant, but I expected to bounce back to my old wardrobe shortly after giving birth. To give myself a bit of wiggle room, I packed a flowy dress to wear out of the hospital.

What I wasn't expecting was to look still very much still pregnant after a C-section. I wore my dress because it was there, just wasn't as flowy as I was hoping for it to be!

For the first few months of being a mom, I exclusively wore my maternity leggings. Those stretchy little miracles fit over my baby-like belly so I didn't have to think about my body while I was figuring out how to care for my lovely baby.

Being a mom is rewarding though confusing. On one hand, you're told that celebrities have bounced back to their pre-pregnancy bodies in a month, and you can, too! On the other hand, you're being encouraged to breastfeed, which requires eating and storing extra calories to effectively feed your baby. I struggled to figure out how to do both.

Eventually, I was forced to graduate to new leggings. I wore out my old pants at the seams after they endured months of a few washes a week. Thank goodness for LuLaRoe! My 8+ self now clearly qualified in one of their ranges, which means I temporarily avoided the reality of my new size.

Only recently, I found the courage to try on my old jeans. They had been shimmied on while I was pregnant, so there was hope that they still fit. With a LOT of squeezing, I could just manage to get them buttoned...though it was not a flattering look. I was ready for some more traditional clothes; however, my old pants could not handle me (not sure if you can tell, but I'm totally snapping my fingers right now).

It was time to face the facts: my size went up. My hips are wider and my belly is rounder. Determined to buy clothes that were the right size, I found the courage to try on new pants and happily have non-leggings that fit. I still love my leggings - I'm wearing a pair now. It's just good to have options.

I will be celebrating my third Mother's Day this year and feel more comfortable with being a mom - and with being my new self. Let's face it, becoming a parent changes you in every possible way. I love who I am now, just had to get used to those changes.

To all the mommies out there - which Mother's Day are you approaching? Did you also go through, or are you in, a leggings-only phase?


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