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Posted by Michelle Wheatley on

Have you ever checked yourself mid-thought and wondered: How old do I sound?? That happens to me a lot. Then, I remember how old I actually am and recognize that my thinking and age are pretty well aligned. I take a deep breath, then I nap to help pull myself together, because that's what us whippersnappers do. Right?

My latest "back in MY day" spiel was about mail. The past few days, I've been pulling mail out of the box, taking a quick browse through it & throwing it all away because it has all been junk mail.

Junk. Mail addressed to me "Or Current Resident." If it doesn't have to be me to open it, then I'm probably not interested in reading it. When I have thought that I might go through a catalog or something else that's come in the mail, it's ended up in a pile and has been ignored for longer than I will admit to before getting ditched. Let's not waste time with this foolish dance any more, eh, mail?

You see, back when I was your age, mail was exciting. Naturally, the junk came in, along with the unappealing bills. But pen pals existed, ones who actually used pens. Today, that's been replaced by emails, which are great in their own way (they're much more legible in my case!), just leave something to be desired on the trip back from the mailbox.

Perhaps younger generations have never felt this rush of what checking mail could lead to, so maybe they won't feel the same disappointment.

Birthday cards, party invitations, thank you notes still come, along with a fun gift here and there, which is great.

And, yes, I do love seeing my nieces and nephews grow up from a ridiculous distance away in pretty close to real time. I just miss the good ol' days.

What was the most recent epic piece of mail you've received??


  • Great blog! I remember when I got my first real job and the company welcome pack came in the mail. It was this thick, glossy brochure bound book with some pretty boring stuff in it (employee handbook anyone?) but as a university student I felt I’d made it! Real corporate mail, addressed to me!

    Matt Wheatley on

  • Good question! If you find that missing time, let me know…I’d like to have a word with it.

    Michelle on

  • I caught myself the other day talking about my first car. And said “Yeah but it was made liKe 15 years ago!” Then I realized that my first car was made almost THIRTY years ago! When did THAT happen!?

    Shelly Kosack on

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