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Happy Good Friday to those of you who celebrate! And for those who don't - happy Friday!

Having been raised in a Catholic family, I have a lot of nice childhood memories from Easter weekends, starting with Good Friday. We used to all cram into the family car to head towards Mount Saint Mary's University in Emmitsburg.

To paint a picture, there were six of us, with me being the shortest kid, squeezing into a station wagon-sized ride. As someone who likes her space, getting there was NOT half the fun, though the destination made it worthwhile.

We'd arrive at the National Shrine Grotto and would walk around the cemetery, saying the rosary. Then we would take a stroll through the grotto, which I recall being serene, a little hilly and very picturesque, with water streaming through.

Good Friday is a reminder of Jesus' ultimate sacrifice to benefit us. This trip made me feel sad, unworthy and yet refreshed. For some reason, I remember the weather always being kind to us, though I could be wrong.

I don't recall what traditions, if any, we had for Easter Saturday, though it probably involved getting ready for the next day.

Easter Sunday was the big celebration. That day commemorates when Jesus came back from the dead. Any of the remaining sadness was washed away that day, which was helped along with the sugar-filled Easter baskets (that I'm pretty sure my mom would still make for me today if I went to visit ) The sweets went down particularly well if I had chosen to give up chocolate for Lent that year! We would also plant some cherry tomato and chive seeds, highlighting that refreshing feeling of new life.

While I won't be celebrating with my candy loving mom this year, we'll be enjoying the weekend with our son, setting traditions for him. I hope the weather will be as nice for us as it is in my childhood memories.

We will be seeing my mom (and at least some of her groupies) the following weekend to party for my son's second birthday. I'm not sure when that happened, but I heard there would be cake, so all is good!

I hope you all have a safe and happy Easter weekend!

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  • What special memories!!

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