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We've just wrapped up our Valentine's Day giveaway! I selected our winner on Saturday, and it was an exciting time...for me, at least. Take Care Package's giveaways are one of my favorite parts of my job.

There are many things I love about our giveaways. We aim to emotionally connect people from a distance through our packages, and I feel like we accomplish that, too, through our Facebook contests.

To enter the giveaway, Take Care Package asks that participants "like" our Facebook page, then tag a friend who would love to receive the package we're giving away. Since Facebook users are located all over, a friend from across the country (or even farther) could tag a friend and let them know they're thinking of them.

My little sister is really good at tagging people in posts she thinks they'll find interesting. It's always fun to see what she thought I'd enjoy seeing when I see that she's tagged me in a post. The engagement is not intricate - she tags my name, I view the link, and then I "like" the tag. And yet, to me, it feels like a meaningful connection, albeit simple.

I hope that the participants of our contest felt connected with their loved ones!

How do you stay connected with your friends and family who are far away?


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