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Posted by Michelle Wheatley on

I hope you had a happy, warm & filling Thanksgiving!

Some of you may be heading out to do some Black Friday shopping (if you haven't already hit the stores already). I personally prefer to do my shopping online. You don't have to get out of your pajamas to accomplish this task, and there are no physical lines to get through. But that's just me! I can appreciate that some people enjoy the hunt of going out and actually getting their hands on a perfect gift. If that's you, go get 'em!

I know I enjoy researching and testing out the products that are included in our gifts sets. For about a year before we launched, I would find an item - typically online - that I could include in one of our packages. I  would then buy it to see if it was as amazing as I hoped it would be. I selflessly examined the gluten free Sugarpova Flirty gummy lips we use in our Cuddles & Smooches set. They're fab - cute and yummy. My son played with the same kind of super soft stuffed dog we use in the same set. He LOVES him and we've named him Smooshy. We collectively tested the Soapets washable bath sponges. They are adorable & very well thought out! And the Wisconsin Candle Company soy candles....they make my office smell amazing while they hang out unlit. They're also hand-poured.

I could go on and on about the products we use. They make me happy. If you're looking to make someone in your life happy for the holidays, for another occasion, or just because, I would recommend checking out Take Care Package's gifts. They come wrapped in a sports bag, include a personalized card and don't require you that you stand in line to drop off the item at the post office. You can emotionally connect with your people while we do the work during this busy time!

In the meantime, happy shopping! Please stay safe out there! Or, as my Pap says, "Watch your step!"


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