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It's rare that I hear people say they are looking for ways to spend their excessive amounts of free time, especially this time of year. We tend to stay pretty busy as a standard, and then when December hits, watch out! Holiday parties fill the calendar. Shopping sessions, at stores and/or online, take place. Festive cards are sent out in mountainous piles. Sleep becomes an afterthought. So, naturally, those unplanned for colds also manage to wriggle their way into our busy schedules.

One of my inspirations for starting Take Care Package was understanding firsthand what it felt like to want to send a gift with a personalized touch, though lacking the time and energy to find & send the perfect gift. (Working full time at an office job makes it tough to get stuff done!) I believed that others would appreciate the service we provide.

There are many other opportunities that exist to help people save time. For example, I've talked with friends about how much we would LOVE to have a drive-through "essentials" grocery store. You can order groceries and have them delivered to you, which is awesome, but what happens when you run out of formula or milk and have a baby in tow? Or if you have finished a long day at work and want to pick up something to make a quick dinner? Or if you just need some laundry detergent in a pinch when it's snowy outside? I personally would pay a premium for this type of convenience.

Another to-do that always seems daunting - for me, at least - is taking in the car for servicing. You have to drive to the dealer, then either hang out for an indefinite amount of time or else do another back and forth to pick up the car when it's ready. I'm not sure if I found it more stressful to do when I was working around the constraints of work hours or now, as I try to wrestle with my active toddler and the car seat. Either way, it would be a dream if someone could do a pick up and drop off option when it's time to take in the car!

Despite what they claim, I find that there are very few truly family friendly restaurants. Kids love to explore new places, and as a parent, I prefer when they have some safe space to do so while being in plain view. Our summer trip to Ocean City, MD was amazing because many restaurants nailed this balance. We ate at several places where we multi-tasked: the kids played, while the parents both shot the breeze and made sure their children were happy. It was lovely! It would be my & my son's dream come true if there was a closed in place within a sprint's reach of my seat. perhaps that would be my dream more than his?

What service would you like to have available to help optimize your time?

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  • Magic glue that keeps shoes on toddlers feet. Or staples.

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