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It's amazing how making one change in my daily routine has had so many positive effects.

I've been exercising for a little over a month now, and I'm so glad I've been sticking to it. Maggie Binkley has a range of videos that you can access for free through Amazon Prime, with a different workout to do Monday through Friday. I've been doing the 15 Minute Workout series.

As you could probably predict, I've been getting into better shape. It's a process, and I'm not at my ultimate goal, though I am getting there. I can do a modified version of a push up, which is a huge milestone for me. My flabs are starting to firm up into something resembling abs. My posture is getting better - in fact, it hurts a little to slouch.

I am doing these workouts with my soon to be two year old son. He starts off by saying, "Hi, Baggie!" then attempts a few of the routines. He can now do adorable planks and the sweetest stretches you've ever seen. I've had to entertain fewer Mama Horsey ride interruptions, although he did fall on my face the other day mid hip lifts, which was a tad distracting. Overall, he's getting increasingly involved in a mostly helpful and cute way! Definitely an improvement from his rattle curling days.

My diet has been improving, too, as a result of this adjustment in my schedule. I'm hungry after working out, so I eat with my son, which means that I eat healthier foods, like he does. I can't get away with eating chocolate in front of him without sharing, and I'm not in the business of sugaring up a kid I want to send to bed shortly.

I'm happy with how my new year's resolution has been evolving. I haven't been as strict as I have been in the past (Girl Scout cookies have been and will be mercilessly devoured), which might be why I've been keeping with it. Looking forward to what changes will keep coming!

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