Dinosaurs Everywhere!

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We used to drive my parents nuts when we were little. There are four of us kids all within a six year age range, so it was pretty easy for our drama to escalate: She's touching me. That's MINE! I was watching that, you know...

There was one unique way we had to especially irk them. Although we were just the messengers in this form of parental torture, we all know what happens to those messenger people, don't we?

After school, we would come home and tell our parents what new, fun stuff we learned that day. We would be so excited, and who knows if the actual lesson would get lost in translation, like it often does with the game telephone. But we were there, ready to share our knowledge with our eagerly listening parents!

Many times, my mom and dad would get frustrated. Apparently, the info we "learned" (or at least understood) was not as fact based as they would have preferred. "You know, you don't have to believe everything you hear," they'd say.

We were at school, a trusted learning institute, so it was easy to dismiss our parents' pleas. And we knew we were wise because it took two whole hands to count our ages, so we totally had it under control.

One day, I listened closely to my first grade teacher in class and relayed what turned out to be an alternative fact with my family on our way home. I can still hear the teacher telling the class that hills existed because that's where dinosaurs were buried. My parents shook their heads as I relayed this story while my sister and I dubbed the big hill in front of High's convenience store as a resting T-Rex. Fire, fuel; fuel, fire.

Even though my mom & dad had their understandable frustrations, I did learn a lot from that controversial teacher overall...and she certainly expanded my imagination!! I also must've felt close to her, having been with only my stay-at-home mom for the better part of the day before 1st grade, because I called her mommy once when asking for help with my jacket.

To all the hard-working teachers who teach, entertain, babysit, feed AND nurture a classroom of kids while being human: THANK YOU!! Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!


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