Eat Your Vegetables...

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Those three less-than-magical words were something I thought I would never have to say to my son. He was always great at eating his veggies when he was starting solids. Even up to the point he turned two, those vitamin packed green shapes on his plate would be gobbled up first.

But something has recently changed. For the first time ever, he told me last week that he didn't like peas.

Sorry, what??

I anticipated that there would be a time I'd struggle to get him to eat certain foods, just didn't think it would be so soon, or that it would be peas he'd reject. He LOVES peas. Or loved, I guess. What happened?

To put things in context, my kid is like me. He is more of an eat-ie than a foodie. When we go to play dates, he clears not only his plate - all of the food within reach usually ends up in his mouth. At a birthday party, he snatched a partially eaten cupcake off of his buddy's plate. At another birthday party, he pulled a gorgeous cake pop display off of the counter, Cookie Monster style. Hmm...I would not be surprised if we stop getting invited to parties, come to think of it...

And it's not only sweets that he goes crazy for. He enjoys all of the other food groups. Once upon a time, veggies were his very favorite.

I have a few theories about why his appreciation of vegetables has changed. More than likely, he heard someone at school declare that they don't like peas. If he's just parroting what he heard, then this should hopefully be a pretty quick phase.

My other theory is that this is karma working against me. When I was younger, my sister and I would put veggies in our mouths and ask to be excused. We'd go to the bathroom, spit out the veggies into the toilet & flush. That worked until the toilet got clogged. My parents were not impressed at what the plumber found. We weren't allowed to leave the table until dinner was polished off after that, for some reason.

Whatever may be going on with my son, I will keep putting vegetables on his plate with every meal. He may claim he doesn't like it, and it might even be true, but he's going to get used to eating some veggies. He happily ate carrot sticks last night. So that's something.

This Saturday is National Eat Your Vegetables Day. When you're a dad, everyday is Eat Your Vegetables Day. When you have a dad, you could reciprocate the loving sentiment by including yummy veggies in his Father's Day present. Are you in??

Do your parents still encourage you to eat your veggies?


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