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This past Saturday was National Sunscreen Day. This is a healthy reminder for...well, me, at least, to protect my skin during the warmer weather.

Being a mom, I aim to always have sunscreen on hand. We use Babyganics Sunscreen with an SPF of 50+ on my son. So I use that, too, because it's available and it has a protection level that I also appreciate for myself.

I wasn't always as conscientious about keeping my skin away from the sun's rays. There were a few times that I had scorching burns as a child from being outside without sunscreen, burns so bad that I had to wear my shirt inside out and dreaded taking a shower because the usually soothing water would be so uncomfortable. At the time, I didn't mind it so much. I told myself it was worth it because it would turn into a tan.

And, relatively, my skin would become more tan. You could see a tan line. It just wouldn't get to be anything close to the olive complexion that I was hoping for.

Still, I pushed on with my ambitions of becoming bronze. I even used spray tan and tanning beds during college, which, looking back, was a lot of work and money wasted on an uphill battle.

Being olive wasn't in the cards for me. I can see that very clearly now, looking at my very pale childhood photos. My skin's pigment was meant to be protected, even if it meant not looking like the glorified actors and actresses on tv with their glowing skin.

My husband referred to my complexion as English rose the other day. I had never heard of that term, so I asked him to clarify, Apparently, it's someone with fair skin, rosy cheeks and light eyes. What I've referred to as "being pasty" has a beautiful connotation...just had to marry a Brit to have that detail be appreciated.

Throughout my life, I've heard a lot of people say that it's important to feel comfortable in the skin that you're in, which I always took as metaphor. For me, that turned out to be a pretty literal struggle. I'm happy that I'm where I am, feeling relaxed in avoiding the sun's wrath.

Are you comfortable just being you?

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