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Gift giving is a fun thing to do. It's an adventure to think about what your intended recipient would want, what could bring them the biggest burst of joy...within your budget, naturally!

Before we had our child in 2015, I worked an 8 - 5 office job. I found it a challenge to go to stores and do inspired shopping, wrap the presents and then stand in line with all of the other worker bees to mail it. Sure, I could give a big, grand basket or flowers, though it wasn't always in the budget. Or, I could buy the gift item (or items) online and pay to have them wrapped individually, sans the personalized card. Lately, I've been in the habit of buying gifts online and sending them unwrapped (the box is the wrapping...sort of...maybe?) with a short message on a small piece of paper. They know I'm thinking of them, although the execution doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy as, say, a reusable sports bag "wrapping" and a proper folding card would.

Rewinding back to 2013, my husband was travelling from Pittsburgh to NJ four days a week for a few months. He was super busy with work, and I made it my goal to send him presents here and there to let him know I was thinking of him. I would've loved if our Cuddles & Smooches package was available then.

We ended up moving to New Jersey in 2014, which was tough because I had a lot of family in Pittsburgh, including my grandparents. As their health had some low points, I wanted to send them something purposeful yet uplifting. Our Cozy Up package would've fit this bill.

I learned quickly in 2015 that nursing is tough, draining work. It requires a lot of eating healthy and drinking water. If someone had sent me the Goody Goody Bag, I would have put it to excellent use.

Me of Gift Giving / Receiving Past appreciates these gift sets, but I'm hoping to not be my only customer! What gifts are your favorites? What gifts would you like to see us add? Message me at and let me know!

Take care, Michelle


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