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In my early days of motherhood, I had a lot of time to read on my phone while my arms were claimed by my little guy. I used the opportunity to check out every product review before I made a purchase for anything my newborn would use. If one parent had a bad experience, I kept looking for a better product.

I used the sane thorough approach when researching products for my business. While looking for The Best Candle, I found Wisconsin Candle Company.

Okay, so I am not a candle expert, nor have I seen every version of candle that exists. But I did learn that soy candles were preferable because they burned cleaner and longer, and the Wisconsin Candle Company uses soy in their candles, so check that box!

After talking with Deb, the company's proprietor, I found out that the wick is also "clean," meaning that it's made from 100% cotton. Apparently, there can be some less ideal material, like metal, used in candle wicks - so keep an eye out for that detail, conscious candle shoppers!

I also found out that Wisconsin Candle Company is a family business at the core. Initially, Deb started out making candles for herself. Her allergies kept her from burning standard candles, and who doesn't like nice smelling candles in their home?

Deb got her process down and decided to sell her candles in 2012, alongside her husband. Their first scents included Pomegranate & Champagne, White Tea & Ginger and Gardenia & Lily. Floral scents were their favorites to use in their house.

Despite her husband's impressively healthy lifestyle, he was unfairly diagnosed with liver cancer. He fought hard, though sadly passed away in 2014.

Deb decided to focus her energies on further building their passion, Wisconsin Candle Company. She quit her day job in restaurant management and opened a store front in 2015 with the help of her son, who works with her as a Principle Pourer. Her daughter is in Seattle, so she works elsewhere - the daily commute would be exhausting! And, of course, her husband's memory is always with her in the business.

They've expanded their line well beyond those first three scents, focusing on smells that resonate with people from Wisconsin. I found that interesting because so many of their scents sound fascinating to me: Black Chai, where you can detect a hint of cinnamon? Fresh Cut Grass? Green Fig? And their best seller, Brandy Old Fashioned? Am I secretly from Wisconsin??

Their company definitely seems to be in line with their state's motto: Forward. They seem to be very forward thinking with their scents, creating ones with their own twist, while staying environmentally responsible.

Never mind that Deb's a business owner with two adult kids - she's still trying to figure out what she wants to do when she grows up, which I for one can relate to. Though it seems to me that helping people to take care of themselves is a theme for her. She even makes Paw Wax, which is designed to help naturally protect pet's paws from ice and salt in the cold weather, inspired by her puggle.

Take Care Package includes Wisconsin Candle Company's Sweet Jasmine candle in our Cozy Up set, which is the reason why my office smells amazing! We also include their Autumnal Pumpkin candle, which smells good enough to eat - but maybe don't - in our playful Turkey Dinner set.

Have you explored Wisconsin Candle Company's unique scents? If so, which one is you favorite?


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