Happy Hibernation

Posted by Michelle Wheatley on

After having a super busy (but fab!) weekend, it's been nice to be at home with my son. :-)

We're in central NJ, which means that it's cold here. We apparently saw temperatures above freezing today, as the snow that's been in our yard since Saturday appears to be melting a bit - although I didn't spend a lot of time testing that theory. The windows do the trick, thank-you-very-much!

I think back to last winter, and my state of mind has since done a 180. I was at home, alone with my then 8 month old. He was on the move, though lacked the experience to stay safe without being constantly watched. I didn't want to venture outside with him because it felt like too much work. And I didn't know that many local people well. I felt exhausted, unchallenged and alone.

Fast forward to this year, and I'm happy to be at home. Running Take Care Package gives me enough of a challenge to feel accomplished, and my son has transformed into a "big boy" seemingly over the weekend. I don't always go out, though I have more than one friend who I can call to hang out. (Okay, fine - not many more than one, but they're good quality. Shush now.)  And I have a quickly growing buddy at home. So...more than two friends?

One of my favorite things to do in this weather with my little guy is to curl up with a book and a blanket. We've been reading a lot of The Gruffalo and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He's not quite two, so him reading is a stretch, but he can predict the words, which I love. Especially when he says "hung-ee" when we're reading the caterpillar book. I just melt!

I don't take for granted my mindset this winter. If you know someone like me circa last winter, I can tell you first hand that a nice gesture to that person would be appreciated, like sending them one of our Cozy Up sets. It's both practical and caring. Not to mention the candle smells like you're at a spa! Alternatively, you can add a blanket to any one of our sets.

I hope you all are staying warm and happy. Take care!


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