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Are you as excited as I am?? National Memo Day is this Sunday!

You know...National Memo Day...? Okay, so I was also not familiar with this holiday when I first heard of it. And to be fair, perhaps I had heard of it before and simply forgot. I have always struggled to remember things, which is why I had a difficult time doing well in history all throughout school. So much to memorize…

I recently did a little bit of research, wondering what this holiday will be celebrating this Sunday, exactly? What are its origins? What I found made me feel confident that I would remember every single detail there was to know, forever.

It turns out that this holiday celebrates exactly what you would expect it to: our ability to leave a memo for anyone, including ourselves. We could set a reminder on our phone so we don’t forget to pick up a prescription in the afternoon, or send a note to someone letting them know that we love them.

As far as the holiday’s origins are concerned? They’re still a mystery. Each of the sources I found was not able to find a source that knew the history.

So, let’s irresponsibly speculate, shall we?

Maybe the CEO of Post-It was looking to boost the company’s sales. They anonymously created this celebration with a goal of increasing demand.

It could be that a wife was passive-aggressively making a not-so-subtle hint for her husband to begin making notes of the things he often forgot and purchased many pads of paper to “encourage” a change in behavior. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t, but each year, he gives her a hard time about the present she got for him. And unknowingly, we all celebrate their unhappiness.

Or maybe it was simply started by someone who loved receiving handwritten cards and letters in the mail so much that they wanted to take a day to appreciate their ability to communicate so personally.

Do you have a hunch as to what the roots are of National Memo Day?

I am happy to be able to offer a service through Take Care Package that enables people to openly communicate with each other. With all of our gift sets, we include a greeting card, with your message included inside, no limits to the number of characters. Feeling like pouring out your emotions? Go ahead! We might have to include additional pieces of paper with the card – which we’ll happily do to make sure your message gets across.


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