Healthily Ever After

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Lisa and John, college freshmen, fatefully registered for the same chemistry class. They met and became lab partners. The chemistry that ensued was happily more than they had signed up for. They're now married with a soon-to-be three month old...!

These college sweethearts spent a year in Europe, enjoying time in various countries including Greece, Italy and Spain. They lived on farms and grew most of what they ate, supplementing their diet with market produce.

After eating whole foods for a year, it was shocking for Lisa and John to see through different lenses what passed as food in America.

Their passion for food was well alive after their return, and they played around in the kitchen with different food concepts, including fruit leather. Inspired by their smoothies, they decided to add spinach to their berry fruit leather, which is how Veggie-Go's Mountain Berry Spinach treat came about. (I wonder if they count this tasty snack as their first baby??)

They live in Boulder, and they began to sell their product at local farmer's markets, which gained popularity quickly. Veggie-Go's began selling nationally in 2014. They've expanded their products from fruit & veggie strips to also include sweeter fruit bites, which you can now buy online. I'm excited to try their Strawberry, Chia & Beet bites.

John was keen to avoid being stuck in a 40 hour a week job, which was another inspiration for their business. Instead, he's found himself working roughly twice that, to our benefit!

While their chemistry is obvious, I am curious as to whether their shared freshman year professor graded them with the A they so clearly deserved?


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