Hold My Calls; I'm Napping

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When my son was just a few weeks old, I jokingly gave myself the title of his Executive Assistant. I, of course, was (and am!) a lot more than a dedicated employee of his: I love him more than I can begin to describe. So it was not your average boss / employee relationship, but there were a lot of similarities.

I took his calls. Sure, it was my cell phone number, and I got the occasional call myself, though most of the calls were for him (I'd put him on speaker phone so he could hear the caller), or at least about him. He's very popular!

I scheduled his appointments. It was my responsibility to know which appointments he needed when. He had his doctor appointments. There were play dates to arrange. And I had to make sure they didn't conflict with each other so he could just worry about growing and otherwise developing. No need to stress him out; he has to figure out how to exist outside of the dark, cozy womb.

I made sure his day ran smoothly, above and beyond the outside visits. It was important to me that he was on a regular schedule for eating and sleeping so that we both knew what to expect. Personally, I preferred anticipating when nap time was so that I could look forward to taking a nap myself.

I coordinated travel arrangements, which was more challenging than just packing a bag and figuring out where we would stay. My son was super particular about his amenities. He drank only milk, which needed to be in a sterilized bottle. His bedding requirements for travel involved a pack 'n play with just a sheet inside - no blankets or toys, thank you very much. And if his diaper happened to leak, then both the sheet and his clothes needed to be changed, so extra supplies were helpful to have on hand. We looked like we were moving in any time we traveled.

I organized his paperwork. Before giving birth to him, I couldn't have imagined the volume of bills that came through the door following our hospital stay. Some required being paid and filed, others needed a phone call with the insurance company to challenge the amount that was (or, rather, wasn't) covered.

I also cuddled him, read to him, sang to him, and napped next to him. I think it's safe to say that's above and beyond the call of the professional EA role??

It's good that I love being his mama and enjoy taking care of him because (between you and me) he wasn't very receptive to my requests for raises. He'd pretend like he didn't understand what I was asking, turning his eyes away.

Now that he's two and loves his books, I assume there's a chance he might be reading this. If so, buddy, I would be totally receptive to you getting me a gift for Administrative Professional's Day tomorrow! Might I suggest some Cuddles & Smooches?


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