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I've recently changed my profile photo on Facebook to be Santa. You wanna know why? It's because this year, I am Santa. I am Santa for my son. Not to mention, I have a fast-forming cookie belly, just like he has!

All of the presents have been bought and are (somewhat) sorted. Even the items I've ordered online have arrived and are out of their shipping boxes, It's just a matter of time until the stocking is stuffed and the anticipation of my son's reaction Christmas morning begins. I wonder if I'll be able to sleep??

This year, we've made the effort to purchase some presents for him to open that morning, which is more than we did the year before. As I did my Santa-ing, I realized that I missed one tiny detail: this all needed to be a secret in order for my son to believe in Santa.

I usually do everything with my son. I even let him accompany me while I go to the bathroom. What can I say, my kid's a lucky boy...

So it didn't even occur to me that there were be any conflicts when we went to the grocery store to get the final stocking stuffers.

I bought some healthy snacks for him - you know, the fruit snacks you can find down the baby food aisle that are a small fortune but look really fun. I also went and got an Elmo toothbrush, because we needed to change out his current one and Elmo = magic.

My husband came home from work, and I started to show him what we got. He wasn't sure that a toothbrush would be an ideal Christmas present until my son snatched it out of my hand with glee.

Then it hit me. I probably shouldn't do the Santa shopping WITH my son next year in order for it all to be a surprise.

The grocery store stocking stuffers trip wasn't my only Whoopsie! moment. I've had some of his Christmas toys "hidden" on my closet floor. He's made it a game to open my closed closet door, walk in and drag around those toys in my room. And I've let him, even encouraged him, because it means I get to brush my hair in peace.

Next year, I reckon I'll be doing a lot more online shopping. Thank goodness that is an option! Also, I'll need to be more stealth in finding hiding spots for the acquired goodies.

Experienced Santas - How do you make sure Christmas morning is a magical surprise?


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