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I went to Target with my son the other day. It was nice to get out and get some fresh air, although what I saw when I walked through the doors shocked the relaxation out of me for a second. Christmas had just passed, Hanukkah had just started, and they were setting up for Valentine's Day.

While I don't blame Target for wanting to switch around their inventory, I wasn't quite expecting to launch into Valentine's Day mode at that moment.

I haven't been a big Valentine's Day celebrator in the past. Valentine's Day is often regarded as a romantic holiday, and to me, there's nothing more romantic than sending some candy just because. Sending it on a predetermined date is not a terrible thing, though it sends me back to my days in school.

Perhaps as early as middle school, there were flowers you could buy that would be distributed in class. Each year, I hoped that I would get one (who doesn't like the idea of having a secret admirer??), though I never did. The person handing out the flowers would announce the recipient's name like they had just won an Oscar. The people who didn't get the award of someone's love would slouch down and question their life's work at the ripe young age of 12 or so.

After getting over that initial shock of seeing hearts galore on Boxing Day, I noticed the merchandise they were putting out. A lot of it was super cute stuff intended for kids, and it took me even further back in my memories of past Valentine's Days.

I remembered the little valentines I would send out to each of my classmates in elementary school. Each student would decorate little boxes, and you would give each classmate - no exclusions permitted - a Garfield or other fun valentine you selected just for them, dropping it off in their spectacular shoe box.

There's a smell that goes along with this memory: a blend of cherry, cinnamon, and something else - maybe the glue used to close the valentine?

My cousin's family makes this a day they all can enjoy. They all go out to see a movie together, which I think is another great.way to celebrate.

I love gift giving - I'm in the business of it for a reason! Just so long as it brings joy and happiness. I hope to carry on a tradition for my son that makes Valentine's Day a fun holiday where he feels loved. Maybe I can accomplish that by sending him a Cuddles & Smooches set each year?

I just hope that whomever you are, whatever relationship status you're in, that you're able to enjoy the day. Even if it means doting on yourself by having a relaxing evening in while watching Anchorman for the 63rd time...or is that just my ideal of a fun night??

Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?


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