I Sense You

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Do you ever walk somewhere, like through the grocery store, and catch a familiar whiff of something that makes you think of someone?

Chances are, it's someone else other than the person you're thinking of who is the source of the smell. But just for a split second, you picture them in the corner of your eye: You can see the look on their face, imagine what they might say to you, what you would say to them.

I've shared with you the scents that make me think about my mom. Now that Father's Day is approaching, it's only appropriate to share what scents remind me of my dad.

The first aroma that brings my dad to mind is the smell of old coffee. Now, my dad didn't purposefully let his coffee age before he started to drink it. It would become old after he spilled it. He was notorious for coming home from work with papers that were stained with the dark substance. He often got it on his clothes, too. (And people wonder why I'm such a mess when I eat - it must be genetic!)

My dad often used aftershave. He was particularly good about shaving his face every day, even when he was retired. Sometimes he used Old Spice afterwards, other times he went for CK One. Those scents are tied to my dad forever for me.

Certain foods also make me think of my dad. He loved, loved, loved to cook. His favorite store ever was Penzey's. When he cooked, he usually used different spices, like cardamom and cumin. It's like walking into his messy in-progress kitchen when I smell those spices.

I especially appreciate noticing these smells because my dad is with the angels, and it brings him back to life for just an instant, if only in my mind.

What scents are tied to memories of your dad?


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