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Mother's Day is all about showering moms with love and appreciation. Across the country on Sunday, mothers enjoyed breakfast in bed, fresh flower bouquets & macaroni necklaces. Personally, I got perfectly spoiled the whole day through in unexpected ways.

On Friday, I firmed up plans to get together with some of my college friends for a girls' night out on Mother's Day Eve. I was mostly excited because I hadn't seen my buddies in awhile. I was admittedly a little sad to miss out on starting the next day with my boys.

I'm typically a morning person who is up around 6 AM just because. So being up early to have breakfast with my son is not a chore for me, especially not when he's often at his best when his eyes first crack open.

I drove down to Maryland on Saturday to meet up with my friends. When I got there, we had an easy conversation, catching up from where we left off last time. We shared stories and compared notes about our kids, which involved both bragging and venting.

During our dinner, I got the good night call from my guys. My son had a yucky cold and was crying pitifully for mama. He had done that the past few nights, but being away made me feel awful in that moment. Maybe it was the Malibu making me feel more emotional: I found myself fighting tears.

We got back to my friend's place and stayed up until midnight, chatting some more. It was lovely and was a welcome distraction. I crashed that night and slept in longer than I had done in months.

Meanwhile, in a state not too far away, my son was up crying at 5:30 AM. He hadn't done that in a long time. My husband got their day started early with a diner breakfast, then carried on to do laundry, grocery shopping and some house cleaning.

Around the same time, I enjoyed my friend's scrumptious croissant french toast casserole with some fresh fruit while we relaxed & watched Cast Away.

When I arrived home, lunch was magically waiting for me in a clean house. Shortly after grub came nap time, following which we were able to play outside for a bit. My husband made pizza and fresh salad for dinner. I got to kick up my feet and enjoy.

Being away from my boys in the morning made me appreciate the afternoon more than I would have if we had the whole day together, and I felt appreciated, too.

Recently, my husband said to me, "While you're a lovely mom, don't forget that you're so much more." I was able to spend part of the weekend reconnecting not only with my friends, but also with myself. That was just what I needed and I didn't even know.

How was your Mother's Day weekend? Did you treat your mom and / or get treated??

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