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Recently, I feel like I've improved on my marketing abilities. I'm still getting the balance right when it comes to Take Care Package, but in my personal life, I feel as though I've nailed it. For the moment, anyway.

"Marketing in your personal life, you say?" Yup, I do say. Thank you for asking!

Being able to twist a story into what your child wants to hear (without compromising your integrity...much) is a useful skill when you have a strong-willed toddler. There are some moments where our wills go head to head when finessing doesn't work. Yesterday morning, there was no battle. There was Mommy Marketing.

My son's been struggling to eat eggs, I think because of their texture. He doesn't mind it as much if it's mixed with a bunch of veggies; even then, his patience for it depends on the day.

After enjoying a diner breakfast, we've found that he loves anything with ketchup. He ate loads of eggs, as long as they had ketchup on them. So yesterday morning, I went to make him an egg sandwich for breakfast and poured on some ketchup. Except I didn't tell him it was an egg sandwich with ketchup - I simply asked if he wanted a ketchup sandwich. He's typically a good eater, though I don't recall ever having seen him eat anything so quickly!

My Mommy Marketing might border on the side of being untruthful. Maybe that's okay to do to keep my son healthy? I once heard a lady at a restaurant ask her child if he wanted to eat shark, then order him tilapia. I remember filing that one in the Clever Parenting Schemes folder of my brain, despite it being a downright lie. Whatever works, in my opinion!

If I can be crafty about "selling" my child his breakfast, perhaps I could be more creative with marketing Take Care Package. For instance, our Cozy Up set has a blanket and a soothing smelling candle. I initially created it as a get well present, and lately, I've been promoting it as a romantic gift for Valentine's Day.

But couldn't it also be advertised as a camping set? Play tent and campfire included! Chairs and sibling sold separately.

Are you also in the business of "selling" food (or plans, ideas, etc.) to your child? If so, how would you uniquely market our Cozy Up set?


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