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I like to think that college wasn't that long ago. Because I avoid routinely counting how many years it's been since I graduated, when I do the math, I catch my breath. Thirteen years? Can that be right??

Yes. Sadly, that is in fact how long it's been since I've lived in a dorm and avoided utility bills. Darn you, math degree. If I wasn't so apt at subtracting, maybe I would be able to "validate" that it WAS just five years ago that I left undergrad. Or maybe I'd think it was much longer than that. Hmm...

One truth that confirms the passage of time is my change in energy levels. I was a teenager when I arrived at my university, surrounded by teenagers, all living on our own for the first time. It was empowering! I could simply eat frozen yogurt for dinner if I wanted to. And if I opted to get some green beans to accompany my dessert-meal, then I would pat myself on the back for making such a mature nutritional decision. Well done, young me. Well done.

I have loads of fun memories of being a new college student. I can remember meeting friends who I still keep in touch with. We sometimes joke about first impressions we had of each other and other shared memories. One memory that had slipped my mind until yesterday had to do with the kidnapping of a stuffed monkey, which I may or may not have had a key role in. I plead the Fifth.

It's funny how these stories come back up! We are launching our new Elf Shenanigans package, so my friend commented on a teaser on Facebook, mentioning the monkey.

If you're familiar with the Elf on the Shelf, then you'll know that the goal is to basically frame the toy for doing different activities in the night for a month. This is all in the spirit of encouraging your kids to behave (Santa is watching...) and to help bring the holiday magic alive. Take Care Package's new gift offers items to entertain your elf for eight nights.

Similarly, after we...uh, I mean, these people I know took the monkey, the toy was brought to life across campus, thanks to our never-ending energy supplies. We would set the monkey on a tree, at a table, in a bed - you name it - and take its photo as though it was alive. Once our disposable camera was used up (because I'm ancient), the photos were developed. Then the ransom letters were sent.

Unlike most children who look in awe at the elf, our friend knew exactly who was behind the monkey-napping. Even so, we all had a good laugh.

I'm debating on whether to set up the elf in our house this year. Our son isn't even two, which is really good because I've missed the official deadline to get this elf business launched! If he was older, he'd think the elf wasn't coming. He does have a sharp mind, so he might appreciate it and look out for what the elf is up to each morning. The thought of coming up with so many unique ideas is exhausting, although I truly had a lot of fun putting together Elf Shenanigans. And perhaps I'll glean more energy off of my elfing efforts, like I did with the stuffed monkey kidnapping.

Do you have any silly college memories?


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