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There tends to be at least one mystery to solve in our house each day. Where's our son's favorite monkey rattle? What happened to those labels I stuck in the printer? And, of course, there's my go-to game: "Where's my phone??" My husband LOVES that one!

Our Mystery of the Day yesterday was a unique one. You see, we hosted a play date at our house. One of my favorite things about being at home with my son is being able to see him grow. I went from going somewhere for "him" to play while I held him and drank coffee, to now not only seeing him interact with other kids, but also talk about his buddies...or at least attempt to say their names in a mega cute way.

We had some food out on the table while our friends were over, which is a rarity in our house. Typically, the grub only shows up when it's mealtime. He saw the food and wanted to eat. And so the mystery began...

My not-yet-two year old ate about a pound of grapes, a mini scone, handfuls of goldfish crackers, a piece of bread, the better part of a cucumber and who knows what else. It seemed like he was trying to recreate the Saturday meal in The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Even though he ate a ridiculous amount, he is not a chunky kid. He has a round belly, like a lot of toddlers do. But not round enough to account for all of that food!

The mystery of the day became: Where does my son put all of that food? And where do I sign up??

Thinking about the food he ate, it's all pretty low fat and healthy. He also runs around a lot. To eat his food, he'd run to grab a bite, then would go play. Rinse & repeat.

On top of that, there seems to be a lot of stretching involved with his meals on the run. The food on the table is accessible to him, although he needs to do some baby yoga to secure the snack. Perhaps I need higher tables so I can do more reaching? Or just get some plates on stilts?

I have been doing better at approaching my new year's resolution. For me, it's been about meal planning, as a friend suggested. I have been making the time to make healthier choices, and I've been bringing less junk food into the house.

Still, I know I can do better. I can take a note from my son and run around the table after taking a bite. Or, more practically, I can start by working out like my other friend did by doing a small amount of a couple of different exercises, and ramp up slowly, so it's not super overwhelming.

My main pitfall to avoid will be jealousy eating. Because I don't have the metabolism of a toddler - and it's okay! I know I can still do this.

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  • I wish Gabby would eat that kind of stuff! She will only eat bologna, cheese, yogurt, and bananas. And fried rice :(

    Shelly Kosack on

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