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Most of my life, I've been told to act my age. Apparently, I have a tendency to behave a touch immaturely. I don't get embarrassed when I get called out - I amuse myself, and now I can blame amusing my son as my motive. Yesss!

Recently, I've noticed that I should probably act my age in one area of my life. I find myself feeling out of touch when it comes to technology, which oddly makes me feel older than perhaps I should feel. This is new territory for me...and not the ideal group to fall under the "mature" category, perhaps!

I remember when I had a slide phone that lacked a QWERTY keyboard. I can recall this phone very well because it was a mere four years ago. I unfortunately worked in IT at the time and got teased a lot for not having a smart phone. Technology bullies.

Since then, I've upgraded to a smart phone. I'm on my fourth smart phone, actually, and because of the issues I've had with my prior phones, I have a basic $40 model that works just fine for me. Check me out now, old coworkers!!

I have had to venture more into tech-y stuff because of Take Care Package. It's been good fun, though there has been a learning curve.

Maybe you'll disagree with me that Instagram is challenging technology, but it is a program, and one that was new to me, so I'm claiming it. A friend suggested I get set up an account on Instagram to get some more attention for Take Care Package. So off I went, using my Dell laptop that my husband approximates to be about 50 pounds, and ventured into unknown territory.

I created an account pretty easily. Go me! Then, I became stumped. How on earth did you upload photos using this program??

The whole purpose of Instagram is to enable someone to immediately upload a photo you take on your phone to your account. This meant that there was no direct way for me to get my uploaded photos onto Instagram using my clunky computer. Who knew? No I, for one!

After doing some searching, I found Gramblr. It does the uploading for me, so I didn't have to get my photos back onto my phone. PLUS I get 75 free likes with each photo. Pretty awesome for marketing!

Instagram, conquered. Right? Now, on to master my new camera (since I got what I paid for with my phone's camera). I got the straps on it, yay! Just need to figure out the rest...


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