Party! Party! Party!

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I am now the mom of a two year old. When did that happen?? I mean, I know WHEN that happened: two years from the day my son got evicted from my belly. I just can't believe we're here.

One of the best parts about being a mom? Indulging in kids' birthday parties, it turns out. I went to my friend's five year old daughter's birthday party when I was very pregnant. Even though I technically brought a child with me, I still felt a little out of place.

Being a mom, I now love the colorful, energetic get-togethers! Even the preparations I found fun - maybe a little bit hectic, but there were happy moments sprinkled in that I'll remember forever. We went to Party City to order the balloons and get some other goodies. As we walked around, my son and I chanted Party! Party! Party! like we were at a frat party in any 1990's movie, sans the beer.

Who doesn't love pizza?? A second birthday celebration is a great excuse to order in. (So is "Oops, My Fridge is Empty" Day...!)

We also ordered cookies AND cake. Alas, there were too many sweets to be consumed at the party, so we stepped up & did what we had to do.

Weeks later, the party continues! With all of the presents he got, there are new gifts he rediscovers here and there. He got a tricycle that he loves to ride around the house, pushing the floor with his feet because he can't reach the pedals. He loves to sing Elmo's Riding a Tricycle song while he wanders through the kitchen.

Do you also enjoy kids' birthday parties? Or do you find them overwhelming?


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