Please Don't Tell My Mom

Posted by Michelle Wheatley on

Many of us seem to be short on time. Being the mom of a 19 month old and starting my new business, it's really true for me because I spend most of my time with my little dude. It's fun, just busy! Somehow, I remember feeling spent even before I became a parent. I worked hard at the office, kept my house in order, and dabbled with working out. I also seem to recall that keeping up with my favorite shows was a big priority. (You have to have some downtime!)

When you have your list of priority things to do - whatever that list looks like - it means that there are things that are not on there. Maybe making home cooked meals isn't on your Top 10. Perhaps you get behind on This is Us. And, for me at least, it could be that there are some chores that get ignored.

I was just agreeing with my sister-in-law that laundry is not an exciting chore. I can wash it with no complaints, though I'm not so motivated to fold it. I have a drier full of clothes that have been hanging out there since Saturday. I'll eventually get around to it...probably. Unless we wear it all before it makes it to its respective drawers. Then it'll have another chance to party in the drier.

There is one chore that I simply ignore. That chore is making the bed. If you're not fussed about getting into a freshly made bed at night, like my husband and I aren't, then why would you spend precious time in the morning tucking in corners and straightening pillows? It does look nice, which is why we make it before we have guests over...unless we close the door instead. We may change our take on this when our son moves onto a big kid bed. I'm not sure how I feel about forcing him to do a chore we don't do, so if we want him to be a daily bed maker to teach him responsibility, then we'd want to lead by example. Blech.

My mom is a routine bed maker, so please don't tell her about this. She would be SO disappointed in me. I have to spend my time getting out gifts for my lovely customers instead to help them to emotionally connect with people while saving their precious time. So let's keep this between you and me. Cool?


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