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Small Business Saturday has just passed, which is intended to encourage people to get out and shop at their locally owned stores. What a helpful reminder to break routine and check out something different! I was just talking with my brother-in-law about how the internet has been a great resource for small businesses because you have access to so many more shoppers than you otherwise would have. That's not true for all places, though. You wouldn't order a cappuccino on the least not to be sent through the post!

While I was travelling this weekend and was not equipped to do bulk shopping, I like to think that I did my part this Saturday to support a small business. I purchased a few bags of sweets from a local vendor. They were a pick-a-mix variety that made my stomach very contented, helped out a small business - though perhaps strained my trousers somewhat. Oh well, all in a day's work.

Today is Cyber Monday. As you're navigating through different websites to find brag-worthy deals, don't forget to check out some small businesses online. Want to shop local? That cute little store you've been meaning to stop by might have a web presence. Looking to send the gift of warmth and comfort? Take Care Package sells a Cozy Up gift set, as well as a Lil' Cozy Up gift set that is ideal for kids.

Here are a few other reasons to consider shopping online at a small business or two:

1) The packages are shipped with care.

Have you ever gotten a care package from your family? They take the time to ensure the gifts are boxed just so to prevent them from getting damaged in the mail. The boxes are appropriately sized to reduce waste on bubble wrap. Someone likely went to the post office to drop off the gift. You can feel that thoughtfulness as you open the box, even if the products are not traditionally wrapped. You'll likely have to pay for shipping because it is a small business who isn't making money elsewhere to cover those costs, though don't forget - many large companies charge for shipping as well.

2) Customer service is key.

Small businesses understand that a happy, raving customer is free advertising, while a dissatisfied customer could be detrimental to future sales. You'll feel respected as a customer if you call. And not for nothing, small business owners are passionate about their business; otherwise, they wouldn't have started it. They envision happy customers who love their products as much as they do, and if that's not the case, then they're often keen to make it right.

3) You'll find unique, quality products.

Or at least that's been my experience from my Etsy purchases and in running Take Care Package!

What is your favorite small business?


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