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As a parent, it's a treat to be able to go upstairs by myself. It's rare to do much of anything alone. Something as basic as a trip climbing steps solo? Pure bliss.

Not only do I not have to worry about my son toppling down the stairs as we go, I also have the freedom to carry what I want in my arms. It may sound mundane (and a bit pathetic), but my truth is that I am happy to carry up folded clothes that I had been staring at all day. It makes me feel accomplished.

And don't even get me started on those times where I have the luxury to hold the banister while climbing...! Pardon me for bragging; I cannot help it.

I used to really struggle to carry extra things around with me. Even purses got me flustered. I worried that I would forget it somewhere. And juggling more than one thing at a time always turned me into a circus act: "Come one, come all to see The Great Klutz attempt to carry a purse, a book AND a scorching cup of coffee, all at the same time, while WALKING!"

Being a mom, I've gotten much more skilled at balancing a ton of things in my arms. Still, it's not my favorite.

My dream is to one day gain the confidence to rock a fanny pack. Those things are epic! I love practical, and what is more efficient than clipping on what you need for the day? Right now, I would feel too much like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt if I did that. I do admire her confidence, though I'm not quite there. Not today, maybe tomorrow?

Until that fateful day comes, I'll continue to wear one of Take Care Package's sports bags. It's slightly less convenient than those fanny bags I long for, but it allows my to use my arms and carry around diapers, wipes, etc.

All of our packages are wrapped in one of Take Care Package's sports bags. By sending someone one of our gifts, you'll be providing them with the simple luxury of freeing up their arms as they get on with their day in addition to the heart of the gift.

Do you know (or are you) someone like me who is not so great at juggling multiple things at once??


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