Snow Day!

Posted by Michelle Wheatley on

I felt like a little kid excused from school for the day yesterday because of the snowy weather. Even though I am not taking any classes, being snowed in meant that we weren't able to do any of the errands we typically do during the week. That opened up my day to do exactly what I wanted to do - not much of anything.

We stayed in our pajamas ALL day. Even when we ventured outside to see the snow, we still rocked our jammies. I smugly changed from my old pjs into my new pjs at the end of the day. All in a day's work...

I finally booked the trip to Orlando we've been debating. My husband will be there for work, so we'll meet up with him there. It'll be a short trip, but Mickey and Harry, here we come!

There was a moment where I felt a little bit anxious because I needed to do shopping for birthdays, etc. Fortunately, I was able to get a bit done online from the comfort of my cozy home. No shoes, same service.

When we made our short lived trip outside, I tried to build a snowman. My son was not as interested in creating our own Frosty as he was watching the sledding kids across the street, and building it with him was my reason for wanting a Frosty. As I tried to compose the snowman, it was clear that the snow was too powdery to make a sizable snowman. I basically made a pile of snow and stuck on some raisins and a baby carrot. Even the snow didn't want me to work hard.

If you didn't get a chance to relax yesterday, then I hope you're able to have a chill day soon! And if you're stressing about shopping for gifts, like I was, then I would recommend checking out Take Care Package's gifts. We add the personal touch, and all you have to do is place the order from your home in your pajamas! Our gifts are great for all occasions.


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