So Now What?

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Yesterday was a quiet day for me, the quietest day I've had in awhile.

Christmas day felt busy in the best way. My son was able to open up the presents that had accumulated for months. He managed to do most of the opening himself, though he is too young to turn the process into a competitive race. He still had presents that were in plain sight to open throughout the evening. Seven-year-old me would've "helped" to hasten the process; no-longer-seven-year-old me enjoyed the leisurely pace.

My husband made a delicious traditional English dinner. Well, almost traditional... We had Pillsbury croissants instead of Yorkshire pudding. My sister in law thought that menu tweak was hilarious; to me, it was perfect. And I didn't do much work except shovel the mounds of food into my mouth, which I appreciated!

All of the preparations we had done were put to good use. All of the shopping, and the card sending, and the present wrapping, and the decorating was complete. I was finally able to kick back and enjoy.

After my son went to bed on Christmas day, my husband and I watched The Holiday with a glass of prosecco each. Just us. Neither of us worked, and it was fabulous. I can't think of the last time we had just relaxed and watched a movie.

Yesterday, I had a nagging question: So now what? My holiday to-do's are all checked off, though I still have the mindset of having a long task list. It's like I just finished finals (the most magical finals ever!) and am still wound up about needing to study.

It's not as though I have a blank to-do list. As a parent who is running a business, that is just not going to be my reality for awhile. And that's okay.

But I feel a little...lost, I guess. Shouldn't I be fretting about who I may have missed from my card list this year? Or figuring out a new angle to question my husband to confirm that we really REALLY weren't exchanging gifts this year?? (Turns out, we definitively did not. Whew!)

I've decided what to do with this new availability of my time and energy. I'm going to work on my health. No more making excuses about it being the holiday season and eating whatever is in sight. And more getting up to do stuff. Wrapping, card writing, etc. involved a lot of being still. I notice how out of shape I am when my son asks me to join him in the Running Around in Circles While Making Silly Sounds game.

Well, I do have a little bit of chocolate to polish off still. So I'll start after that's all gone. Don't want to be ungrateful to Santa.

Take Care Package will be launching a new set that will help me (and anyone with similar goals) shortly. Stay tuned!

What are you doing with your post-holiday extra time?


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