Spring "Cleaning"

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Wait, where did spring go? Feels like we've jumped right into summer in NJ! I think I'm okay with that. We've been able to enjoy a lot of outside time the past few days: going on walks, hanging out at the park and just playing in the backyard.

Mother Nature may have skipped over spring (at least temporarily), but my spring cleaning urge did not tag along.

Okay, I should probably clarify that. I rarely get excited about cleaning. I enjoy having a clean house, so I will try to muster up the oomph to get rid of the dust as needed. I think it's because of this lack of keenness to roll up my sleeves that my "spring cleaning" urge has shown up in a unique way.

Instead of cleaning, I've found myself wanting to do more crafts with my son. We get into coloring and the occasional paper airplane, and that's about it. Until recently, that is...

I recently started following a group on Facebook called Preschool Inspirations. They have lots of fun ideas for things that you can do with your kids. Combine those ideas with the optimism that can come with the warmer weather and you find someone who has bought limited crafting supplies as an adult now purchasing a tub of glitter.

We've made a calm down jar. I had no idea what one of these were until I saw the post of Facebook, and it's been pretty amazing. A Calm Down Jar is an emptied water bottle refilled with corn syrup, water, food coloring and glitter (or something comparable). I super glued the lid on when I was done because I do not need that glittery nightmare substance to reenter the world on my rug, thankyouverymuch.

Once the lid is secured, you can shake it, then watch the glitter float around and slowly fall over and over again. The goal is to have it help sooth your child when they're feeling stressed. My son likes it, but I love it. It's more relaxing for me than a stress ball.

We also did some gardening! We have our windowsill herb garden set up, growing in full force. And we have plans to plant some daffodils out in the yard. I'm not sure if gardening is traditionally considered crafting. Since I'm making stuff with my hands, I'm claiming it.

Do you get an itch to be productive in the spring? If so, what are you looking to get on with??


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