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Last Christmas, we kept the gift giving part of the holiday super simple with our son. He was 8 months old, and we were drowning in toys...which maybe was partially our fault. Since we had recently gotten him a jumperoo, we decided to consider that his present and call it done.

We weren't even planning to do a stocking, until my sister-in-law reminded us about what his cousins, with whom we were celebrating the holiday, would think.


My sister-in-law's family is a passionate Christmas loving bunch. Each year, they do many traditions, including opening a box of PJs and other goodies the Christmas Eve. There's a lot of anticipation for Santa's visit, and apparently, there was a lot of concern about whether The Man in Red would know where to leave our son's presents, since we were coming in from out of town.

Had it had been left up to us, we may have left our nieces and nephews with some lasting Christmas Eve anxiety. 

Fortunately, my SIL raised the topic in advance. She had a stocking ready for Santa to fill for him. We found a cute T-Rex at a gas station, of all places, which was his first dinosaur but is now his fifth (and I thought we were drowning in toys then!). His Nanna came to the rescue with stocking sized toys that he still enjoys playing with today. Christmas was saved! Hip hip HOORAY!

We're planning to celebrate at home this year. We want to start some traditions of our own. I get a little overexcited about seeing his reaction when he opens up the presents, so I've had to work hard to reign it in on the gift purchasing. He opened up some presents from his Grammy the other week when she was in town, and he said "Whoa!" many times. Can't wait to hear more of those adorable exclamations!

One thing that's left for us to do is to find the stocking stuffers. At this point, I'm tempted to find some toddler friendly toys online to keep from hashing it out at the stores. A week before Christmas?? No, thank you! Take Care Package sells many products that would be perfect (super soft stuffed animalsa cozy blanketthe world's most fun bath set, and others). The challenge is that he has already acquired those items during our product testing phase, so it wouldn't be as exciting to receive them again at this point. Now, how does he have so many toys...?

What are your go-to stocking stuffers? Would they work for a toddler?


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