Thanksgiving is the Best

Posted by Michelle Wheatley on

I love Thanksgiving, and I haven't met anyone who hasn't! It's a holiday that's truly centered around togetherness, along with an abundance of home cooked food, endless sports and a countdown to Black Friday. There's no pressure around gift giving...well, that is, unless you're celebrating with me. Because my birthday is near (if not on) Thanksgiving. So I guess that means there's no pressure around gift giving for ME, just pressure around remembering to be a gracious gift recipient. ;-)

I've missed a few family Thanksgivings in my time. After college, I was a waitress for awhile, and it was difficult to turn down the holiday tips. I've also lived far away from home. One year, my now in-laws made a Thanksgiving dinner for me, despite them being in England and not typically celebrating the holiday. I even missed spending my dad's last Thanksgiving day with him - although we fortunately were able to reschedule for a time when the family could celebrate together.

For those years I couldn't be with my family, I know they would've gotten a kick out of receiving one of our Turkey Dinner sets as my contribution to dinner. If you're away from your loved ones this season, consider sharing with them an inflatable turkey with some gravy candy, a couple of Veggie-Go's and a soy pumpkin candle. You can still share a laugh from a distance!

We are, for a limited time, giving away one of these sets! All you have to do is go to our Facebook page (, "like" the page and tag someone under the promotion update who you think would appreciate receiving one. The winner can request to have this shipped to anywhere and to anyone in the US! You have until Friday November 16, 2016 at 8 PM ET to qualify.


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