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About seven years ago, my (now) husband and I watched my (now) nephew, who was just a few months old. I was petrified because I had never been responsible for someone so little! My hubby was much more comfortable, having changed diapers before, unlike me. His experience helped to make me feel like we could handle keeping the baby alive and safe.

My sister-in-law went to a soccer game, and about as soon as we were In Charge, the crying began.

Believe it or not, it wasn't me crying; nope, I just about held it together. My nephew, having been almost always around his loving mama, was scared. He missed his mommy and let us know. We tried the tricks we knew - feeding him, entertaining him, letting him nap. Nothing seemed to work. He cried for the better part of the hour that we watched him, with him calming down the instant his magical mama walked through the door.

I shared this story with my boss, who was also a relatively new mother, the next day at work. She told me a trick: When you're holding the baby, also hold something that smells like his or her mother, such as a sweater. The familiarity of the smell is comforting, and even though mommy isn't around, it makes the baby feel almost as safe as if she was. I haven't tried that yet. I keep it securely in my back pocket, just in case!

This technique instantly resonated with me. Whenever I smell someone wearing my mom's lotion, even today, I feel a sense of calm wash over me. My mom used Jergen's when we were little and now prefers Camille Beckman's signature scent. Either make me feel like my mom is in the same room, even though she's usually not in the same state.

Is there a scent that instantly calms you? Do you associate it with your mom?


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