The Luck o' the Irish

Posted by Michelle Wheatley on

I remember celebrating St. Patrick's Day very differently as both a child and an adult. While they were not similar, neither of these celebration styles involved actually honoring the introduction of Christianity into Ireland, which is the origin of the holiday.

When I was in elementary school, I remember "learning" about leprechauns. Ah, to think my son will be privileged enough to have the same standard of education as I had! I have one vivid memory of leaving school for the day one March 17th and seeing a girl showing her mom the brick of alleged gold that had been left for her by a mystery tiny person. I recall having felt jealous about not having gotten that gold myself. I was so naive! And a little petty, it turns out.

As an adult, I celebrated one St. Patrick's Day by drinking a green beer. After I realized that it was crappy light beer tinged with green food coloring, I quickly traded it in for a Guinness, which was probably more Irish in the first place, though admittedly still a far cry from the original intention of the day.

For as long as I can remember, I've worn green on St. Patrick's Day. Don't want to get pinched by a leprechaun! Or that annoying classmate / colleague who has apparently been sent to do the dirty work for the leprechaun...

We've never given gifts or cards for the holiday. Unless arts and crafts at school count? Or artwork made using discarded green beer??

Do you give gifts for St. Patrick's Day? If so, what sort of presents do you share?


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