The Perfect Message

Posted by Michelle Wheatley on

Does this ever happen to you? You check your calendar and notice that an opportunity to do some gift shopping is coming up. You go out and find The Perfect Gift for your friend. Ta-da! You're confident you're going to bring a smile to their face. All done, right? Not quite...

Some gifts offer a chance for you to share with the birthday person / etc. well wishes in your own words. You're given a blank canvas on which you can put any combination of words in any language you wish. That's a lot of possible combinations. How do you pick the words that are suitable to be presented with The Perfect Gift?

I usually tend to stay simple when I'm in this situation. "Happy birthday!" often does the trick, I find.,,when relevant, but of course. Short, sweet and to the point.

What do you do in this scenario? Are you a kind-but-focused communicator like me? Or do you go all Hallmark and come up with a clever and thoughtful message on the spot? Or do you borrow words from someone, such as a poet?


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