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For the past few weeks, my son has been struggling to nap for longer than an hour. It escalated to the point where he seemingly got no sleep because he was standing in his crib for the duration of his nap time. I felt distraught. What could possibly be wrong with my son when he seemed to be fine during the waking hours??

I tried different ways to tackle the issue. I attempted doing the Ferber method, driving him around in the car seat. even letting him nap with me on the couch so we could both get some rest. I ended up with pins & needles in my arm and a child who was no better at sleeping...though I did feel pretty smug about the extra cuddles.

Finally, I decided to use Super (duh-duh-duh-DUH!) Nanny's approach. You hang out in their room without interacting with them until they fall asleep, then rinse & repeat for a few nights, slowly making your way out of the room. It seemed promising. He was quiet as soon as I came in, though I felt his tiny eyes on me like laser pointers. It took me about half an hour to get the courage to turn to see how he was doing. I'm so glad I did, because it turns out that our little guy was sleep standing!

It wasn't that he wasn't getting any rest; he was simply being stubborn, resorting to using the side of his crib as a headrest. Finding that out was a big relief.

If you're not a parent, then you're probably thinking I'm neurotic. Yes, indeed I am. It's part of the territory of being a mom or a dad.

I didn't quite appreciate how all encompassing having a child would be. Sure, people say that being a parent is that way, and I thought I understood the concept. But I didn't.

We've been very lucky (knock on wood) with our son. He's been generally healthy, excepting the occasional cold. The biggest thing that he's gone through medically is having to have surgery to correct an undescended testicle. I've learned that is a very routine procedure, and it was pretty quick and easy, looking back. But it was soul crushing at the time.

It breaks my heart to think about families who have kids who aren't so lucky. When I reminisce about our one trip to the hospital, I can't help but think about the families that have to go there repeatedly, who don't get to begin the journey to healing immediately after the procedure is complete. It makes me want to do something.

That's why Take Care Package is committed to donating 10% of our profits to The Children's Hospital of New Jersey. I want to be able to give comfort to families who truly need it.

For now, I hope to be able to keep the luxury of overthinking silly things, like my son sleep standing, rather than the alternative.


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