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Amazon Prime has set the standard for how we shop: If we can get it online, we'll do so, and we prefer (or perhaps demand) to not have to do any math to get to our total price. How many times have you heard someone say, "I got it on Amazon" this past week alone? The proof is in the pudding.

Before I launched Take Care Package, I knew I wanted to make sure that I gave my customers pricing visibility. I was torn between rolling those costs into the total price (the Amazon Prime way) or just making sure that the shipping costs were otherwise clear.

When Take Care Package went live, I landed on showcasing the shipping costs at the top of my homepage and charged them separately, arming shoppers with the price to ship upfront.

Other gifting websites typically charge for shipping as a separate charge, and I wanted to make sure our product prices appeared competitive. AKA - Everyone else was doing it! Lame, I know.

Recently, I've rolled the shipping costs into the product cost, so put your calculators away. I'm hoping that people will appreciate the clarity because I love my customers!

Do you have a preference around how shipping costs are presented when you're shopping online? Does this matter more or less based on what you're purchasing?


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