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So...we found ourselves in Orlando this past weekend! Okay, we didn't just wake up and wonder how we got there. This isn't one of those stories. My husband went for work, and we figured that our son and I would join him while it was free for our son to fly down and to go into the parks.

It was a short trip - just two full days down there - and we wanted to do as much as we could, within reason. Visiting the Magic Kingdom was top on our list, as was seeing the new-ish Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

That was basically the extent of our plans. We had read some good advice on options to work around the lines. Other than that, we were planning to find rides that we were all tall enough to go on when we got there. Having a toddler in tow, we wanted to make sure that we stayed flexible to roll with whatever mood may strike!

The one thing that I did plan for was our snacks. (If you know me, then surely this does not come as a shock!) Our little dude is on a schedule, so if snack time comes and he's not fed or sufficiently distracted, then there's a window before he gets grumpy. I'm not on a schedule; however, if I get grumpy when I'm hungry, too.

I brought some pouches of Go-Go squeeZ for my son and some Veggie-Go's for my husband and I. They more than did the trick! I love Veggie-Go's as a healthy snack that feels more like a treat. And our son gobbled up the Go-Go squeeZ pouches.

Planning for the grub and staying open for the rest worked well for us! I think our son's favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom was the Mad Tea Party. He is still in awe of the mouse that pops out of the teapot. And all of the Seuss Landing section was a hit at Universal.

My husband cautiously told me he thought we might end up going back to Orlando down the road when we all can enjoy the big rides. I told him yes, yes we will. And I'm looking forward to it already.


  • You have a lot of kids to pay for entry! Are you guys planning to drive? If so, could you do Universal for a day and then head to Atlanta? The Wizarding World is really well done! I loved it, and I’m not even a Pott Head.

    Michelle on

  • I’m trying to decide if we are going to take an Orlando vacation this year. The parks are kind of pricey for all of us though! I’m desperate to go to The Wizarding world! It’s either Orlando or Atlanta again.

    Shelly Kosack on

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