Wedding Jitters Again

Posted by Michelle Wheatley on

I am happily married. My husband and I had a gorgeous wedding five years ago. And we're not planning to renew our vows in the foreseeable future. So I never expected to have the wedding jitters again!

Although I must say, this feeling comes with a purpose. I'm getting ready to host a table at the New Jersey Bridal & Wedding Expo this weekend.

Eek! I just officially signed up for the event yesterday after running some errands to see if I could find what I needed for Take Care Package's table. With my ever so patient son by my side, we managed to make it happen. It was time to make my decision.

Just this afternoon, I said "yes" to participating. And right after I sent in the form, I got stuck in some planning quicksand. My printer ate a few of my dear labels sheets.

Yes, I know how that sounds. And I appreciate that you are not my school teacher, and that making an excuse to you is frivolous. The thing is, this actually happened.

I decided to print out a few labels before my son got up from his nap. After I hit the print button, five pages of labels got sucked into my computer, never to be seen again. Enter big time jitters.

Since I am on a tight time frame, I thought we could tick off the task with a speedy trip to the local printer. Two additional back-up plans and almost three hours later, we finally arrived home with labels in hand.

Eventually, I felt brave enough to face the printer again. I tinkered around a little bit and somehow, the error message disappeared and I was able to print again. Those labels must be stuck somewhere in the depths of my printer's belly.

It seems that every wedding has some "funnier afterwards" glitch they get through. Even though this isn't an actual wedding, I'm hopeful that my wedding show planning glitch is now out of the way. That's what I'm telling myself to help calm my nerves.

Wish me luck! :-)

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  • Hi Michelle,
    Wishing you lots of luck at the Wedding Expo – hope you really enjoy the experience and get lots of interest in your lovely gifts and their original packaging. Wish we could come and visit your table! Sending much love and massive good luck hugs from Ali xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Ali Davis on

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