What's That Smell??

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Right, time to bare my soul here. This is a pretty embarrassing story, so if you have one about yourself you feel inspired to share to make me feel better, please feel free to comment away!

I'm hoping that if you know me now, you'll read this and be in awe. Because if that happens, that means I've achieved my goal. :-)

My first job out of college was as a Sales Assistant at a financial company. I worked in DC and lived on the outskirts of the metro in Virginia. Every day, I would walk to the bus stop on the corner, then take two connecting trains and walk a block to get to the office. Every day, I did this wearing heels.

And not just respectable sized pumps. I used to rock 3" plus stilettos during this daily commute.

I can't even wear 3" heels to walk across a room these days...that is, without facing devastating injuries. I was 21 at the time and was prideful, quietly laughing at the women who changed out of their sneakers into their work shoes at their desks. Didn't they see how painfully practical they looked?? Now, I'm in their shoes (ha, ha, ha), undoubtedly shocking today's youth. Sorry, kids, not sorry.

The challenge when you wear shoes like that without socks and with naturally odorous tootsies is that the smell compounds. But when you're used to being around yourself and the shoes, it's not as easy to notice the build up.

Unfortunately, I was probably the only person in the office who was oblivious to the distinctive scent I put off. For Administrative Professional's Day, I received mint lotion for my feet.

Shortly after, a friend in the office diplomatically told me that I could use mint rubbing alcohol to help get rid of the smell. I still use that trick today - so if you're reading this now, thanks!!

Do you (or have you) worked an administrative job? If so, what's the most memorable gift you've received for Admin's Day?


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