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There are many things that are...let's call it "interesting" to try to do with a toddler in tow. One of them, I've found, is working out. I'm doing my best to figure out how to make the seemingly impossible happen.

My ideal workout scenario is walking through our neighborhood while pushing said adorable toddler in the stroller. Our son is now over 30 pounds, so there is some noticeable resistance, particularly when you also consider the weight of the stroller. Plus, our neighborhood has some steep hills here and there, which I can choose to take or ignore, depending on how much of a go-getter mood I'm in.

Sadly, it is winter in NJ, which means that it is literally freezing. And by literally, I mean literally. Plus, there's snow on the ground. For me, that's motivation to stay indoors.

My second dream workout place is my imagination's version of a family friendly gym. Picture this: there's a circular room in the center of the gym. The walls of this room are two-way mirrors, so you can keep an eye on your child while you're working out no matter where you're at in the gym, and they can't freak out that you're doing something without them because they can't see you. There are soft objects for them to play with, and there are caretakers inside, watching the kids, too.

I have not been able to find this gym (not that I've been looking hard), and working out in my head doesn't seem to be an effective way to burn calories. Strange, that...

So, onto Plan C: exercise videos! I've managed to find some on Amazon Prime that I have been using for the past 2 weeks and love. Maggie Binkley has a series of 15 minute workouts (plus a few quiet minutes of stretching) that range from targeting specific zones to working out your whole body.

Truth: I am in terrible shape. My right arm is pretty chiseled from holding a wriggly toddler, but that's about it. And it turns out, I don't have abs anymore. I have flabs. Maggie's good about suggesting variations you can do depending on your level of fitness, which I find reassuring when I can't quite follow along at first.

It's mostly fun to do these videos with my son in the same room. He likes to put his butt out then hop up for squat jumps, which is super cute. He also enjoys it when I do planks. When I do a high plank, he likes to crawl under me like I'm a tent, and when I do low planks, I become Mama Horsey in his eyes. Maggie doesn't mention variations for playful toddlers, so I'm still trying to figure out how those routines will work exactly.

I can feel a slight difference already, and I'm looking forward to saying buh-bye to those flabs...all in good time!

Is anyone else working on their New Year's resolutions slowly but surely?


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